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"Brasilia - no longer a dream"

Director: Drasko Markovic.

Writer: Johannes Borgegård.

Cinematographer: Drasko Markovic.

Editor: Drasko Markovic.

Speaker: Johannes Borgegård.

Release Date: 23 March 2010

Genre: Documentary

Plot: Brazil was to take a step in to the future with the building of Brasilia. Responsible for the project was President Juscelino Kubitschek. His was vision was to have 50 years of development in 5 years. The capital in the middle of nowhere was the symbol of development.

The Swedish filmmaker Torgny Anderberg made a film in 1958 about the city of the future that was inaguarated two years later. His film describes a place where dreams become reality.

Brasilia celebrated 50 years in 2010. The vision are since long converted in to concrete. The film Brasilia – no longer a dream tells a story about the dream but also about 50 years of reality in the city.

Music by: Erici

Album: Brasilicum

Songs: Brasil and Brasilicum